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St James Square, London

Major refurbishment / retained façade vertical extension

Project type:

Major refurbishment / retained façade vertical extension





Form of contract:

JCT Traditional, with extensive CDP

Services performed:

Design Management

Benefits to client:

  • Assessment of design and the contractor's obligations.

  • Chairing Design Workshops for key packages.

  • Management of specialist contractors.

  • Management of the clien-side Design Team, bringing structure to their deliverables, ensuring alignment with the Main Contractors requirements.

  • Design audit to establish shortfalls within the design, to enable rectification prior to formal release. 

  • Consideration to Buildability during the design development phase, to ensure formal release of robust documentation.

  • Assessment of Main Contractors performance, to safeguard delivery.

  • Assisting the Main Contractor in fulfilling their duties, via team collaboration techniques. 

  • Greater appreciation of the main contractors' contractual obligations.

  • Flexible resource engaged when required.

  • Challenging of the detail, to ensure robust CDP design.

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