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Commercial Management

It is vital for any project, of any type, and of any size, that the budget is robust, and that the correct cost control measures are in place and properly managed throughout the lifespan of the build to ensure a satisfactory financial outcome. Working with our Contractor, Sub-Contractor and Developer partners, across all sectors, BONDS provide the full suite of Commercial Functions :

Cost Plans

BONDS provide a flexible Cost Planning service that can be from a simple domestic extension, up to a large multi unit, multi phase residential or commercial scheme, and everything in between. We tailor our service to your specific requirements, whether that be a high level initial appraisal, or a full Stage D or Stage E Cost Plan.

Tendering and Procurement

BONDS manage the full Tender and Procurement process and appointment of a Main, Principal or Sub-Contractor, through to the selection and preparation of the correct Form of Contract. BONDS will select the best route, strategy and contract type to suit your specific requirement.

Quantity Surveying

BONDS provide a full and robust Quantity Surveying Service from Inception to Final Account.  This encompasses management of the Contract, Change Control, Applications for Payment, Payment Certification and Reporting.

Commercial Processes and Procedures

BONDS are able to provide you with the necessary advice and tools to ensure that you are in the best position to stay on top of your cashflow, your costs and your payments in.

Final Account Negotiation and Mediation

Working alongside our specialist Mediation partners where required, BONDS are able to advise and assist on Final Accounts in both the developing and contracting arenas, where differences of opinion can sometimes exist at Final Account stage. With the ability, experience and expertise to see both sides, and Interpret accordingly, BONDS can be the solution before a Dispute arises.

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