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Mill Barn

Internal Refurbishment

Project type:

Internal Refurbishment





Form of contract:

Contractor Appointment

Services performed:

Project Management

  • Contractor Tendering

  • Appointment drafting 

  • Delivery stage assistance Project Management

  • Logistics management

  • Snagging / Inspections

  • Completion Management

Benefits to client:

The refurbishment of Mill Barn’s Great Hall, consisting of:

  • New marble floor finish

  • New handcrafted kitchen

  • Redecoration

  • New curtains, fixtures and fittings

  • New bespoke furniture

Benefits to client:

  • Management of the; Interior Designer, Stone specialist, Kitchen specialist and Decorators. Bringing structure to their deliverables, ensuring alignment with the clients requirements.

  • Management of the pricing phase, helping to ensure robust costing from respective parties.

  • Identification of a suitable Logistics strategy, helping to ensure minimum disruption that the residents during the works.

  • Support in the management of the works on site, overseeing the execution of the works by the specialist contractors.

  • Prompt issue identification, ensuring timely resolution, whilst limiting impact on Programme and Quality.

  • Timely Inspections / Snagging, to ensure on time completion of the works, to the highest quality.

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